Last Thoughts On…Singularity

Die im Titel der Ausstellung enthaltene Anspielung auf einen Text von Bob Dylan ist nur eine
von vielen, die seit Jahren im Werk von Daniel Permanetter auftauchen. Für die Ausstellung in der Artothek zeigt er neben seriellen Arbeiten auch eine raumgreifende Installation.
Wie schon viele von Permanetters Installtionen zuvor, stürzt sie den Betrachter in eine Art
metaphorische Situation, einen Erzähl-Raum mit einer narrativen Ton-Ebene, der betreten
werden muss, um erfahrbar zu werden. Auch diese Arbeit scheint eine Geschichte zu erzählen,
die unklar bleibt, aber Bezüge zu Märchen und Mythen aber auch zu zeitgenössischen
politischen Themen und Pop Kultur andeutet.


Bob Dylan: Drama‘s the theater of the mind.
Ellen Barkin: Because you don‘t, because you don‘t take care of me, or want me, or …… ever make a commitment to me. I‘m finished with you Zack. I‘m completely finished with you. Why don‘t you just go find yourself some other little girl to be your pet. That shouldn‘t be difficult for you ….
Bob Dylan: (sniggers) Everybody cries sometimes…
Ellen Barkin: (panting) This is really fucking boring!
Bob Dylan: And it‘s obvious. It‘s about real people and real emotions and real problems. That‘s all.
Isabella Rossellini: Stand up. Come closer. Closer.
Bob Dylan: What else do you need to know?
Isabella Rossellini: What do you want.
Kyle MacLachlan: I don‘t know.
Bob Dylan: No use crying in your beer. No use crying over spilled milk. No use putting raindrops in your coffee.
Isabella Rossellini: Don‘t move. Don‘t look at me.
Bob Dylan: Life is like that. Full of difficult choices.
Isabella Rossellini: You like that?
Kyle MacLachlan: Yes.
Isabella Rossellini: Don‘t touch me. Or I‘ll kill you!
Scarlett Johansson: I‘m stuck.
Isabella Rossellini: Do you like talks like that?
Kyle MacLachlan: No.
Scarlett Johansson: Does it get easier?
Bill Murray: No. Yes. It gets easier.
Scarlett Johansson: Oh yeah? Look at you.
Bill Murray: Thanks.
Tom Waits (sings): …if you’re sitting there or what do you. Pay me now at the fall of dawn. Mama says now I’ll be gone. To my love and I will see. Take that baby home to me. Cause I will cry…
Scarlett Johansson: (giggles)
Bill Murray: The more you know who you are and what you want the less you let things upset you.
Scarlett Johansson: Yeah. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be. You know.
Tom Waits (sings): I’m gone, well… She said oooh now well, where you’re gone.
Oh baby don’t go soon, take me now, oh she don’t know..
Michael Keaton: I don’t give a shit. I’m not gonna…?
Zach Galifianakis: Shut up! Just shut up and listen to me for once! We can’t afford to lose the preview we can’t afford to lose any more money, we can’t afford to lose Mike. This is about - this is about being respected and validated. Remember that’s what you told me? That’s how you got me in to this shit. You’re the director. Get him under control ok…
Roberto Benigni: Is a sad and beautiful world
Tom Waits: Hehe. Yeah, it’s a sad and beautiful world, pal. That’s a good one. Yeah yeah. Eh. Buzz off.
Bob Dylan: I feel for you. I know life is hard. But you don’t need anyone to tell you how to feel better. You ‘specially don’t need me.
Bill Murray: You’ll figure that out. And not worry about it. Keep writing.
Zach Galifianakis: This isn’t the nineties anymore. Your zipper’s down.
Roberto Benigni: Aha. Thank you! Buzz offe to you too!
Tom Waits: He. No! Buzz off.
Roberto Benigni: Ha. Buzz off. Ah Buzz off. Buzz off.
Tom Waits: Buzz off.
Roberto Benigni: Buzz off. Is a sad and beautiful world. Buzz off. Butzz offe… Good evening. Buzz offe… you are very sporty…Buzz offe. Oh thank you buzz offe to you too… uh oh it’s a pleasure, thank you…
Scarlett Johansson: I’m so mean.
Daniel Permanetter
“Last Thoughts On… Singularity”
Installation, mixed media, 2016
Bill Murray: Mean’s ok.
Scarlett Johansson: What about marriage. Does that get easier?
Bill Murray: That’s hard.
Tom Waits (sings): Oooh baby, yeah now, it’s a sad and beautiful world, it’s a sad and beautiful world, it’s a sad and beautiful world, yeah it’s a sad and beautiful world, it’s a sad and beautiful world”
Bob Dylan: I dreamed I held you in my arms. When I woke I was mistaken. You make me happy when the skys are grey. You are my sunshine.
Bill Murray: We used to have a lot of fun. Lydia would come with me when I made the movies and we would laugh a lot. Now she doesn’t wanna leave the kids and she doesn’t…
Isabella Rossellini: Shut up. Don’t say anything. Go hide in the closet. Don’t say anything. Or he’ll kill you. I mean it.
Bill Murray: …need me to be there. The kids miss me but they ‘re fine. It gets a whole lot more complicated when you got kids.
Bob Dylan: We are born crying, live complaining and die disappointed. (sighs) You can’t help some people.
Scarlett Johansson: Yeah. It’s scary.
Bill Murray: It’s the most terrifying day of your life. The day the first one is born.
Scarlett Johansson: Yeah. No one ever tells you that.
Bill Murray: You’re live as you know it is gone.
Isabella Rossellini: Hello Baby
Dennis Hopper: Shut up! It’s Daddy you shit head. Where’s my bourbon?
Michael Keaton: This is my chance to finally do some work that actually means something
Emma Stone: Mean something to whom? You had a career dad. Before the third comic book movie.
Dennis Hopper: Can’t you fucking remember anything?
Bill Murray: Never to return.
Emma Stone: Nobody gives a shit but you! And lets face it dad. You are not doing this for the sake of art. You are ding this because you wanna feel relevant again. Well guess what. There’s an entire world out there where people fight to be relevant every single day. And you act like it doesn’t exist.
Dennis Hopper: That’s dark…
Bob Dylan: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows and so do I.
BillMurray: But they learn how to walk and they learn how to talk and you wanna be with them.
Dennis Hopper: Spread your legs
Emma Stone: Things are happening in a place that you ignore. A place that by the way has already forgotten about you.
Dennis Hopper: Wider!
Emma Stone: I mean who the fuck are you?
Dennis Hopper: Now show it to me.
Bob Dylan: I know I was wrong. Baby please come home. I’m about to loose my mind. Don’t let me cry in vain.
Bill Murray: And they turn out to be the most delightful people you will ever meet in your life.
Emma Stone: You’re the one who doesn’t exist. You’re doing this because you’re scared to death like the rest of us that you don’t matter. And you know what? You’re right. You don’t! It’s not important, o.k.? You’re not important. Get used to it!
Dennis Hopper: Don’t you fuckin’ look at me!
Bob Dylan: So that’s about it. The play was about an aging movie star who suddenly lost his eye sight. It touched down the themes of lost youth and aging, loneliness, sex and pretending to be what one is not. (coughs) Thanks for listening. And so long everybody.